2016 Membership Renewals and Applications are now being accepted here

In 2016 Old Cove YC will begin using a service called MailChimp for newsletters and announcements. As Memberships are renewed and new Memberships are processed, the email address(es) associated with the Member will be added to the Old Cove YC announcement list. MailChimp will then send out a confirmation email and if you wish to receive notifications, newsletters, and announcements from Old Cove YC, you will confirm your subscription to the Old Cove YC list at MailChimp. If you do not wish to receive such emails from Old Cove YC you can opt out of the list. We expect to have migrated completely to the MailChimp system by June 2016 and from then on will discontinue the old mailing list. Until then both systems will be in use so announcements from Old Cove YC will reach your email inbox in duplicate. Please contact Chris if you have comments or questions.



2016 Junior Sailing Program starts on Monday June 27 and ends on Friday August 19.

2016 Lesson Calendar now posted to Lessons. New for 2016 is the Friday Bay Adventures class, and for sailors graduating from the Opti, a Beginning Laser Racing class on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and a Beginning 420 Racing class on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

All Junior Sailors are encouraged to have their own boats, and the Fall is a good time to search for good used boats: Optis 420s Lasers

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